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Current research

Forest density reduction to minimize the vulnerability of Norway spruce and silver fir to extreme drought – a risk assessment (Sumforest – ForRISK)  [visit the project website]

Experimental Forest Monitoring for Climate Change (EFMCC)

The overall purpose of this project is to examine the capacity of forest management strategies, such as density management, to impart resilience and resistance of ecological processes to changing climate and increasing weather variability on Experimental Forests in the United States  [read more]

Effects of climate, disturbance, and management on the growth and dynamics of temperate and sub-boreal forest ecosystems within the Lake States and New England

The main goal of this project is to identify forest management strategies and forest conditions that have conferred the greatest levels of resistance and resilience to past stressors and their relevance in addressing future environmental changes in natural and managed forests across the Lake States, New England, Intermountain West, and Black Hills  [read more]

Previous research

LIFE Carabus

The project aims at reducing the risk of extinction of the species Carabus olympiae, a species included in the Habitat Directive, through interventions of restoring their species’ habitat. The project promotes the set up of a forest management model able to promote interventions for the recovering of habitats where Carabus olympiae can live. Moreover, the project invests on the restoration of pastoral areas with a rich presence of Nardus habitat, ensuring the survival of pastoral activities  [read more]

INTERREG “Protection forests: management techniques and innovation in the western Alps” (2009-2012)

The management of protection forests is one of the priorities in the Alpine territories. The project aims mainly at identifying protection function, with priorities for action; verifying the costs and effectiveness of forest operations in protection forests; comparing the methodologies, techniques and tools already available in the three partner countries; developing technical and budgetary frameworks for forest management projects in protection forests.